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About Us

About Toronto Women’s Club

By history and tradition, women are second to men in terms of its place in the home, society and opportunities.  Through time and its evolution, women has gradually given a voice to speak, to have equal rights and equal pay, and make a significant contribution and impact to the world.

It is time, women rise up and unleash their feminine power.  That whatever happens in their personal lives, they can not only support the men to raise children and manage the household or run the domestic affairs, but also tap their own unique talents and skills and create a career and be recognized and be heard.  That if all women will harness their hidden skills and power, together with men and altogether with women, women can change the world.

It is for this passion and mighty goal that Toronto Women’s Club was born to celebrate women and elevate women in terms of gender equality, high confidence and financial independence.

Mission Statement

To lead, educate, inspire and empower women so that they will become strong, happy, wealthy and powerful.

The Founder’s Story

Cora Cristobal is the Founder of Toronto Women’s Club (TWC), 3x Best-Selling Author and 2x Award-Winning Author, Coach and Mentor, International Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Realtor.

A Certified Public Accountant by profession, Cora was a successful accounting professional then embarked on a highly rewarding real estate career, then coaching, mentoring and speaking career. She has published award-winning and best sellers “Journey to a New You: 12 Habits to a Happy and Successful Life’, “Authorities”, with celebrities Dr. John Gray, Marci Shimoff and Raymond Aaron, “Secrets To Real Estate Wealth” with Sunil Tulsiani and “The Secret To Wealth” with Brian Tracy, “Handbook To Holistic Health” with Dr. Ona Brown and “Reach Your Greatness with James Malinchak. 

She has shared stages with legends and icons Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Robert Allen and Kevin Harrington speaking on personal growth, transformation and success and how to acquire wealth through real estate.

She also co-produced the hugely successful “Wealth Mastery” live event in Toronto last April 5-7, 2019, which featured the phenomenal Jack Canfield, of the“Chicken Soup For The Soul”, “The Secret”,and Success Principles.

Cora is now building a legacy through Toronto Women’s Club – lifting women to a higher level of a happier and more successful life by education, inspiration and empowerment. You can follow Cora at www.TorontoWomensClub.com and email her at cora@torontowomensclub.com.




Cora Cristobal

founder of toronto women’s club, best selling author,  coach, mentor, international speaker, real estate investor

“Cora took my idea and helped me turn it into a profitable company in less than four months!”

Cora In Action:

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About Toronto Women's Club


Empowers women to develop the strategy, motivation, and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.

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Phone no.: (416) 875-7260

Email:  info@torontowomensclub.com

About Toronto Women's Club

Empowers women to develop the strategy, motivation, and accountability required to succeed in their business and personal lives.


Phone: (416) 875-7260
Email: info@torontowomensclub.com