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The role of a woman in this century has expanded to not only being a wife, a mother, grandmother and a homemaker. The woman of today is supporting men in building homes, societies, communities and the world.

We now have women in politics, in law enforcement, in business, in almost every aspect of life.  Women are now seeking equality with men and equality of rights.  Women are now searching for meaning, for a purpose, for a community.  The capacity to love, to create and to persevere has no gender.  It is on this premise that the TORONTO WOMEN’S CLUB was formed – that women along with men, can make a change to make this world a better place to live in.

We need to understand that the more economically, socially, religiously and politically empowered the women becomes, the more confident she becomes in articulating her thoughts and more productive she becomes in her actions. This results in her getting involved in making decisions for her family, the society, the country and the world along with her counterparts that are men.

But this is not the reality as we see today. Today’s structures are still patriarchal in nature which is based on power and control. In this kind of setup, there is a visible or invisible glass ceiling for women. Women cannot move up the ladder beyond a point. That’s why all the major power structures in all walks of life are still controlled by men. The consequences of these lop-sided male-dominated structures are enormous to see. Womanhood and the whole of the feminine gender are marginalized in this kind of setup. Further, these patriarchal structures are responsible for the division of the society and they promote highly self-oriented materialistic structures based on manipulations and never-ending exploitation of natural resources.

Women empowerment in all walks of life shall bring the necessary balance that is required in nature. It will help in promoting structures which are more inclusive, progressive, creative, constructive and generative in nature and which are in sync with nature.

Toronto Women’s Club plays a critical part in the empowerment of women and is on the forefront of encouraging emerging women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs excel in their employment and business ventures.

Why Join?

✅   4 training events per year

✅   Learn from the wisdom of VIP and great speakers

✅   Network with like-minded members & guests

✅   Access to Business & Investment opportunities

✅   Advertise your business on TWC website

✅   45-minute consultation with Cora Cristobal

✅   PIC (Private Investment Club) Certificate

Bonuses of Joining

✅   Get a list of all TWC members

✅   Gift Certificate, Tax Planning by Sangita Tulsiani

✅   Book by Cora Cristobal, “Journey to a New You”

✅   Gold Note, 24 k

✅   Brian Tracy Audio: “The Secret to Winning Big”

✅   Hypnosis Program – “How To Be Happy”

✅   Special Pricing on many other products.

If you are interested in joining Toronto Women’s Club, we would be glad to have you as our member and offer you all the benefits mentioned above.